Tool to collect farm config Data : Farm servers, databases, web applications, service applications, database size, site collection per web application, site users, web users, templates, features and more....

Please test and use at your own risk.

Made for and tested on SharePoint 2010 only.
This is basic scripting so no complex stuff. It's admin oriented and should be run on the sharepoint server.
The tools makes connection to the sharepoint sql databases (read-only) using the object model and some stored procedures.
Source code will be available soon so you can correct, optimize or modify according to your needs.
Just note that I'm an administrator and not a full-time developper :-)

A config file is used to specify in which site coll the list resides or will be created if it does not exist.
The list name is "Farm Config Data"
The tool deletes the content of the list everythime it is run.
The columns are not deleted.
The items deleted are sent into the recycle bin.
The tool empties all these items (only the farm data list items) from the web and site collection recycle bins.
The number of items should be specified in the config file depending on your farm content. the log file outputs the total of the items in your recycle bin to help you get the right number.
When the list is created you can create views to show only the component of interest (site coll, web app...)
I have scheduled this tool on daily basis (3 P.M) and use it regularly to get info about our farm.

Config file contains the sql instance name too.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<add key="SiteColl" value="http://sps2k10fullvm"></add>
<add key="DataList" value="Farm Config Data"></add>
<add key="RecycleBinNumerOfItems" value="2000"></add>
<add key="SqlInstance" value="SPS2K10FULLVM\SQL1"></add>
<supportedRuntime version="v2.0.50727"/>

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